Barry Desborough - 06:05 PMI've found the time to do an opening post for our debate.
ferengi - 08:47 PM Sorry barry - we do it out in the open where you have to defend your assertions in front of everyone. I already told you that.

Barry Desborough - 01:59 PM Too late. You agreed. Post, or lose by default. And one more time, this is in the open. Everyone can see. What they can see at the moment is that you are incapable of putting your money where your mouth is.
ferengi - 06:05 PM Your ego, while facinating to examine from a pathalogical standpoint, means nothing in reality.
Barry Desborough - 06:12 PM Were you talking to me? I'm not getting notifications of your messages. You should click on 'View Conversation', I think, before you type your message. (Although your last message was an irrelevant personal attack.)
So, you've no case for the designer hypothesis? Don't let us hear you asserting you have again, unless you are prepared to make one. As it stands, the only explanation of ERVs is the viral one, with all its implications for common descent. Thank you for helping me establish that through your inaction.